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(/ska:pa/) v. create; make, manufacture;
to put into existence, chiefly by a creative act [Old Swedish]

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We provide high-quality, creative solutions that deliver value to our clients. Our solutions stand the test of time because we understand and anticipate how our clients' needs will change over time.
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Our Work

Our work covers a diverse range of industries and is highly customized to best meet our clients' goals.
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Our Work

Our work covers a diverse range of industries and is highly customized to fit our client's needs. Learn more about the products we have created.
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Capital Asset Planning and Facilities Management Application for a global Architecture and Engineering Firm
B2B e-Commerce Solution for electronics wholesaler
Modular Building Institute: Membership Portal
Skeo Solutions: Contract and Project Management Application
Supplemental Patient Tracking and Reporting Database for a Neuro-Oncology clinic

Client Success

We leverage our business experience and technical skills to deliver impactful technology solutions that solve our clients' problems. As part of this process, we become an extension of our client's team.


Ray Best Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Cardno Government Services, Inc.

I have worked with Ryan for more than a decade in my capacity as a senior vice president and senior principal at Cardno, a multinational corporation headquartered in Australia, providing architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting services. Ryan does top notch work, which is also timely and cost effective. His work has been valuable to us to such an extent that he has remained a key part of our technology solutions team despite numerous organizational changes.

Skapa most recently completed two major projects for Cardno: a data integration project between our divisional accounting system and our parent company’s systems; and a data migration from our antiquated sales tracking system to Deltek Vision’s CRM. Additionally, Ryan led the development of a replacement web based system for an outdoor advertising sign licensing agency for a large state Department of Transportation; during which he worked with 3 different Cardno divisions. Despite a tight period of performance of approximately 4 months, the project was very successfully completed on time.

We were and remain extremely pleased with how each of his assignments went and by the efficiencies gained through each. I, personally, very much look forward to continuing to work with Skapa.


Briana Branham VP and Director of Finance and Contracts, Skeo Solutions Inc.
As Vice President and Director of Finance and Contracts of Skeo Solutions, Inc., I have worked with Ryan since 2010. Skeo is an environmental consulting firm that went through a period of rapid growth during the time Ryan has worked with us. Ryan led the development of a contracts and project management application to centralize management of our Federal and State contracts as well provide high-level reporting for program managers and executives. As a part of the process, we reduced the time it took to generate a monthly report/invoice from 2 weeks to a day. Additionally, Skapa translates business needs into technical solutions and can explain technology to non-technical people. Skapa remains a central partner for our technology needs.


John Jay Product Manager. Straightaway Health Careers, Inc.
Straightaway Health Careers has relied on the experience, expertise, and technical knowledge of Skapa since our founding in early 2017. Straightaway is an eLearning company focused on providing employers with exceptional online training and retention services to prevent shortages of healthcare support staff, and Skapa has been instrumental in the development of our customized learning management system, the SLMS (Straightaway Learning Management System). From the beginning of our relationship, Ryan and his team at Skapa have been immensely helpful at analyzing technology feature requests from both a technical and business standpoint, helping Straightaway make important platform decisions from an informed and cost-effective perspective. The responsiveness and quality of work has been top notch, with target milestones hit, and quality objectives achieved. Most recently, Skapa developed several new platform enhancements to the SLMS that will allow Straightaway to target additional audiences, as well as upgrades to key existing functionality. We couldn’t be more pleased with how Skapa was able to take our vision for these enhancements and transform them into reality, taking into account the technical aspects and integrating that into a top notch end user experience. Straightaway is excited to continue working with Skapa in the future as we expand and enhance our solutions!


Jason Halloran Director of IT
Locus Health

Finding the right technology partner to fulfill/augment technology needs is a challenge. Several technology companies have the technical expertise to develop and implement solutions. However, only a few companies have the business focused experts to take the needs of a business and turn those into effective technology based solutions.

Skapa is one of the few technology companies that has that ability. Skapa's diverse business background adds significant value to technology solutions. Skapa's associates listen to the needs/issues businesses have and design solutions to meet those needs. Skapa is not like other technology companies that use fancy new tools to build solutions that make businesses change process to accommodate shining new technology. Skapa uses tried and true technology tools to match business process functions while ensuring solutions are solid, scalable and are relevant with upcoming technology changes.

I have worked with Skapa's team on several business focused technology solutions. These solutions have been thoughtfully designed, executed with professionalism, and are reliable. Working with the team at Skapa on new and updates to existing solutions is a seamless process. Skapa’s team becomes an extension of our team when you engage with them on projects.

I highly advise taking a close look at how your company can benefit from the additional value and expertise that Skapa adds to technology solutions. Doing so will allow your business the ability to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable using Skapa solutions.


Steven Williams Partner, Hardiman-Williams, LLC

Ryan Casey and his team of professionals at Skapa have always provided expertise, fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service to Hardiman-Williams.

Our company is responsible for managing literally every function of very large to very small nonprofit organizations, whether they be international trade associations or local community service groups. Skapa keeps our client and member databases, websites, email campaign tools, shopping carts, event registration tools, credit card processing, and so much more running smoothly and cost effectively.

Our largest client, the Modular Building Institute, has the top-ranking website on Google for modular construction. The site gets heavy traffic from all over the world throughout the day and night. It is extremely important that we maintain a professional image online for MBI as well as all our clients—the customer experience is after all what often closes a sale, captures a donation, or otherwise generates revenue. That means the technology behind the experience must be carefully designed, tested, and monitored. Skapa gets it right the first time, minimizes and even eliminates problems, and when needed recommends solutions and third-party services that work the way they are supposed to.


Beth Ann Perkins Real Estate Representative, Outfront Media
I have worked with a client who delivers a product and it's very black and white with a simple beginning and ending. But Ryan became an integral part of a team effort to take an outdated database and turn it into an integrated system that made us more credible and efficient. He took the extra time to understand our process and needs and often times was willing to take a step back and modify steps to meet our needs in a better way. I am not an technology person. Ryan answered my questions and explained each step along the way very clearly. Often times, a job is a daily chore, but working with Ryan and the team around me became a rare time in my professional life when we created enthusiasm to be better and do better than we did before. I very much appreciate Ryan and the work he completed and will continue to reach out to him whenever I have a need and opportunity to use him.

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